Buy Bubble Football Form Online Shop

Buy Bubble Football Form Online Shop

Recently, in Europe and the world is very popular with bubble football an incredible speed.
what is bubble football
bubble football is a sport with fun and fashion.
also you say bubble soccer. before you start, players body wrapped in a transparent bubble ball inside reveals only the legs for walking, and sports.
upper body breaks the bladder ball player body collision probability, although the bubble a good protective effect, played football, but the bubble ball to the space between the ball and the cause of the bubble ball space ball is limited because his hands were tied, players, the balance is more difficult to assess.
if the players are, on the ground, the players on the field is a clumsy action fun bounce. bubble football is not important, the opponent is fun knocked.


how do you play like football?
first, you should have two teams, 6 people or 10 people to play. both teams entered the ball bubble first.
then football scratch, yellow void collision rational, gate count wins. as a fun football, no end goal kick, knocking the opponent was interesting.
preparation of the material, a pump, a bubble football, a soccer ball.
people: generally from 6 to 10 persons, the number of installed (the size of the venue affected)
site layout: flat and clean place (no sharp objects on the ground.
we recommend that the bubble football on grass or wood floors, such as basketball courts or indoor sport center. alternatively, a bubble football field to buy from us!
who can bubble play football?
bubble football in small children and adults can be used.
1.2 meters is suitable for children and the 1.5 meters (dia), and 1.8 meters is for adults.
the bubble football have a padded harness on the inside of the ball is easily adjusted to the perfect fit, regardless of their size.


what is the material of bubble football?
the bubble football are from the material, tpu or pvc. this is 0.8 mm and 1.0 mm pvc, pvc, tpu 0.7mm tpu and 1.0 mm in our company (of varying strength material for option).
the difference:
tpu has higher strength and higher ductility than pvc, so load weight is different.
tpu is odorless, but pvc smells kind of bitter, especially in hot weather condition, it is more environmentally friendly than pvc and tpu.
tpu is of high purity and pvc, the mixture that will keep constantly clear tpu and pvc will fade and yellow as time passes.
become so tpus lifetime longer than pvc because of its resistance to oxidation.
4. tpu is more expensive than pvc.
the colors of the bubble football
we recommend that, with different color of the bubble soccer for the other team. it is easy for players to be your partner to see. we have many colors of the bubble football, e.g., red, blue, green, yellow or black, etc. for option. we can also according to your request manufacture.
free print logo on bubble football
it is easy for us to your logo or your website on bubble football print.

bubble football tpu2
how can you buy cheap bubble football?
high quality and safety bubble football
our product range has been designed around the needs, desires, and the safety of our clients. from children to adult each corresponding equipment to carry in our shop. we sell the bubble football in different sizes, from 1.2 to 1.7 meters in diameter.
and all our bubble football consist of high-quality pvc or tpu to correct high reliability, durability and safety. in view of the extremely physical nature of this sport, it is absolutely important, the quality of their bladder before to buy a football to be taken into account.
all aspects of the impact on their safety could provide is thoroughly in our products. so don’t you worry or anything in our shop, it is best to find her.
pvc material is cheaper and offers an excellent long-term solution, if you are on a budget, while the tpu material the best quality offers and without mechanical degradation practically forever. either in its discretion under the verf├╝gbarenbudget and requirements. bubble – footballs catalogue for download.
customized products
in addition to the standardangebote, our store can also take care of user requirements: we can size, colors, materials, draw rod suction cups, logos, and other options for their bladder football as you wish.
this is especially handy if you pack with bubble balls for a whole team. in this way, can your team’s identity to the audience and the opponents on the field to look.
as an element of the entertainment, not only protecting the bladder football players and more interesting. happy, more safety.
support of different length and logo printing, tpu material bubble football are more durable and softer than pvc material. now, most of our customers interesting in tpu material blow.
players will be more like it. safety and interesting article. support customize, various colors and logo printing. we are the support of custom bladder football with your logo and size. pvc material is a kind of environment-friendly material.
place to play suitable: grass ground, beach, football, etc. playground.
low prices and free shipping worldwide
last but not least, our products are very competitive prices available: we offer excellent discounts if you buy packs on six pieces or more. because customer satisfaction is important to us, the bubble soccer store is happy, free shipping in 82 countries around the world for some of our products to offer. we are one of the few, bubble football shop offer free shipping worldwide. we know that a satisfied customer is a happy business.

bubble football tpu

we look forward to you the best equipment for this incredibly fun sport to offer. football (or soccer bubble bubble) is very similar to regular football, except for one difference: the player equipment. the upper part of the player remains in a zorb – such as inflatable ball.
many of the boat, and were going to bring an unprecedented dimension of entertainment and pure laughter to a sport that has traditionally been characterized by monkish seriousness and extreme competitiveness. despite the depiction of ruthlessness that it entails, bubble football is amazing and can fit almost all individuals practicing is minimal.
packaging of bubble balls
high quality pvc / tpu inside and then wrap the stretch for bubble football.


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