Bubble Football

Bubble Football

Bubble football was created by a man by the name Lee Moseley. He used to work as a surveyor mainly dealing with asbestos. Due to the great passion he had in the creation of the bubble balls, he quit his job so as to concentrate on his dream job. With time, he developed his own company.

The game is very simple and also very safe. It basically entails 14 players who are enclosed in inflated bubbles which are zorb-like. They then bounce into one another as they struggle for the ball possession.

bubble football

The game is also very safe, since when two players in a bubble collide while fighting for the ball possession, the bubbles simply bounce back. The designer of the game says that despite the fact that the players easily flip and knock against their backs, the bubble suits which are inflatable are extremely safe.

The game is mostly common in the UK since its origin is also there. Due to this fact, it is actually advisable to buy the bubble football in the UK. This is because a lot of research concerning the game has been done there.

This implies that each and every aspect of the bubble balls such as safety has been checked out really carefully. In this case the quality of the product will therefore be very high.

Also there are many suppliers of the bubble balls in UK, therefore there is a wide variety whereby one can choose the best. Some of the companies dealing with this include; Excel Bubble Football, Zorbing hire UK etc.

The prices are also fair and affordable in UK since the sellers are many and therefore due to competition the prices are favorable. In conclusion UK is the best place to purchase the bubble balls as evident from the factors above.

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