Bubble Football Sports Game

Bubble Football Sports Game

Bubble football sports game is the newest sport to hit the United States. Each player wears a Bubble suit. There are different variations of the normal’ game of soccer.

Bubble football is a cross between soccer and sorbing. Sorbing is a sport in where a person rolls down the side of a hill or a level surface in a giant plastic ball. In bubble soccer, teams of 5-8 individuals wear bubble suits to compete in this unique game of soccer. The plastic ball surrounding the player permits the player’s legs to run around freely or wear the orb. The goal of the game is to score against your opponent’s net and knock each other down.

You rely heavily on your legs for support and receive a workout in the meantime. The increasing sweat is an indictor that this is a real exercise and it is most definitely can be a sport. You can say that bubble football sports game is one of those sports where defense is more interesting.


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