Bubble Football Zorb football Order-48 Balls
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Bubble Football Zorb football Order-48 Balls


Bubble Football,exercising contribute heavily to our general health. It activates our minds and burn calories. The fact that this game is fun and exciting it enables every player to derive much healthy benefits from it.

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Bubble Football has always been a light look not enough, also want to play a few feet, the weather gradually hot up, have you got ready for the following of playing at the outdoor?

Prepare activities, feet itch again also don’t just play.Prepared at least 10 minutes, can go jogging, ankle, knee, let the body sweating slightly, joints and ligaments are away, ankle, knee, wrist, hip joints are used in all these sports activities open.Long time no exercise are more to do the exercises.If is more formal, it is recommended that you’d better take your shin guards and other protective devices, don’t too hard, play big hot day, meaning.

Bubble football  is the recreation or sport of playing football whilst encased in an inflated zorb which covers the player’s upper-body and head. The game is usually played indoors in a sports hall, or outdoors on grass or AstroTurf . The sport is becoming increasingly popular, with many people all over the world taking it up.

About PVC/TPU inflatable body zorb ball  :
Both TPU or PVC types look the same and both with best quality.

What is TPU – Thermoplastic Urethane? Why TPU is more expensive than PVC?
-Resistant to solvent, oil and grease.
-Excellent strength, break strength and elongation
-Better resistance to hydrolysis
-Better resistance to low temperature
-Better mycete-proof

What is the difference between the PVC and the TPU material?
For TPU material, it is more durable than PVC. It dont have any bad smell if the weather is much hot.
So it is used in most of hot city, like Lubbock,Oklahoma City,Raleigh,Tulsa,Austin. We have many customers there.


What guarantees are there?

A: 1 years Quality guarantee to avoid your after-sale-service risk and free repair kit.


Is it possible to print anything on the balls?

A: You can press numbers and your own logo for free.


To which countries do you ship your products to?

A: The whole world.


How to pay?

A: Currently, you can pay using Visa, MasterCard, Western Union, Qiwi and bank transfer.

More detail,please contact us for help.


For the One Year Warranty:
The bubble footballcome with 1 Year Warranty for customer deficiencies (you are responsible for all shipping).

For manufacturer deficiencies, we will re-ship new one instead if the ball is under the condition of normal use.

After the warranty expires or for non-covered damages to ball, we are able to repair ball at a fraction of the cost of new ball.

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