Bubble Football UK Bubble football Buy Order-12 Balls
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Bubble Football UK Bubble football Buy Order-12 Balls


Bubble football UK,there is no great way of living besides being happy.

  • TPU or PVC:

    Your TEXT on balls(optional)

    Your logo(optional)

    • (max file size 64 MB)

    Size Options(Default : Adult size)

    Kids ( 6-14 years ) Size 4'
    Adults Size 5'
    Extra Large Size 5'7"

    Colour(Optional) and other requirements


Often take part in Bubble Football can improve human body quality, this is because the exercise was conducted under the special conditions and special environment, organisms must maximize the mobilization and body each organ system functions, such as nerve adjustment, breathing, blood circulation to speed up, so that over time, all kinds of physical quality will improve.
Strengthen the leg bones: bubble football is the best sports training the legs.In the process of constant movement of the legs, due to promote the metabolism, bone blood supply is improved, the morphology of bone structure and function of the good changes have taken place in the: thickening of compact bone, make the bone, the arrangement of the trabecular bone according to different stress and tension more neat and orderly, bone bulging muscles attached to the surface of the more obvious.These changes make the bones become more thick and strong, so as to improve the bending of the bone, bending, compression and torsion function.Insist on physical exercise can also increase the pressure around the joints, joint capsule and ligament and thickening, thereby increasing the stability of the joint;At the same time, physical exercise to make joint capsule, ligament and muscle stretching up around joints, so as to improve the flexibility of joints.

For the One Year Warranty:
The bubble football come with 1 Year Warranty for customer deficiencies (you are responsible for all shipping).

For manufacturer deficiencies, we will re-ship new one instead if the ball is under the condition of normal use.

After the warranty expires or for non-covered damages to ball, we are able to repair ball at a fraction of the cost of new ball.

What is the size?

A: For 1.2 meter dia and 1.5 meter dia the price is the same. But 1.7 meter dia for extra large size,

the price is a bit different.You can refer below size chart for order.

4′ (1.2 meter ) Diameter Kids Size Bubble Ball ( 1.2m size is for who under 1.55m height )

5′ (1.5 meter ) Diameter Adult Size Bubble Ball ( 1.5m size is for who between 1.55m-1.85m height )

6′ (1.7 meter ) Diameter Extra Large Size Bubble Ball ( 1.7m size is for who over 1.85m height )


What colors on the balls can you choose from?

A: The price of colorful ball are the same.You can choose different colors.For example, there is clear,

red clear,blue clear,red dot or blue dot. Please leave a message about what colors you would like to

when you place the order.

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