Bubble Football London Zorb football Buy Order-6 Balls
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Bubble Football London Zorb football Buy Order-6 Balls


  • TPU or PVC:

    Your TEXT on balls(optional)

    Your logo(optional)

    • (max file size 64 MB)

    Size Options(Default : Adult size)

    Kids ( 6-14 years ) Size 4'
    Adults Size 5'
    Extra Large Size 5'7"

    Colour(Optional) and other requirements


How does bubble football London work?

This game is played with a minimum of ten players. The rules may be the same with those of real football and in some circumstance it may have referee and linesman. Goal scoring is involved to determine the winning team. Every player wears a bubble gamer. This device is like a big balloon and can bounce back when someone falls. Falling and collision is the thrilling part of this game. Don’t fear it since you cannot get harm instead you will love the experience.

Bubble football UK,there is no great way of living besides being happy.

Bubble Football,exercising contribute heavily to our general health. It activates our minds and burn calories. The fact that this game is fun and exciting it enables every player to derive much healthy benefits from it.

Bubble football  is the recreation or sport of playing football whilst encased in an inflated zorb which covers the player’s upper-body and head. The game is usually played indoors in a sports hall, or outdoors on grass or AstroTurf . The sport is becoming increasingly popular, with many people all over the world taking it up.

What is the size?

A: For 1.2 meter dia and 1.5 meter dia the price is the same. But 1.7 meter dia for extra large size,

the price is a bit different.You can refer below size chart for order.

4′(1.2 meter ) Diameter Kids Size Bubble Ball ( 1.2m size is for who under 1.55m height )

5′(1.5 meter ) Diameter Adult Size Bubble Ball ( 1.5m size is for who between 1.55m-1.85m height )

6′(1.7 meter ) Diameter Extra Large Size Bubble Ball ( 1.7m size is for who over 1.85m height )


What colors on the balls can you choose from?

A: The price of colorful ball are the same.You can choose different colors.For example, there is clear,

red clear,blue clear,red dot or blue dot. Please leave a message about what colors you would like to

when you place the order.


Is the pump(air blower) included?

A: Not included, but if you order 6 balls one-time. You can get one free pumb.


We test each ball for to ensure the ball seamed exactly well.
Delivery time: arrive within 14 days after payment
Logo printing: free
Warranty: 1 year quality guarantee and free repair kit.


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